Top 5 Ways That Tell You Are Dating The Lady Of Your Life

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: November 26, 2016

London escortFrankly, before I started dating my wife, I had a few trysts and even though I have usually been serious about the relationships, things didn’t work out somehow. Then, on a cold winter night, I met my wife at a cafe. Both of us were alone and she was sitting next to my table. We were complete strangers who casually started talking and none of us even had the faintest idea then that one day we would be taking the vows before the altar. So, what clicked this time and made me feel that I have found my woman? Well, much to your delight, I am presenting you the top 5 ways that tell you are dating the lady of your life.

Is she kind and sensible?

Sense and sensibility are two of the most important things that you should look for while choosing your life partner. Marital life is a long journey and there would be many unwanted twists. Having a sensible and good-hearted partner not only makes the battles easier but also helps to win in most of them. You have to check whether she is genuinely kind and sensible to everybody or she is behaving that way just with you to impress you? Does she listen to you without being judgmental? Does she accept you as you are, with all your silly flaws and funny idiosyncrasies? If all the answers are in affirmative, you have found your lady.

Is she putting enough effort?

Then, you must check whether or not the lady is putting enough effort in the relationship, as much as you are investing. She might not be that serious in the initial 2 months but if the casual approach lasts for more than 4 months- even after you have proposed your feelings to her- it’s better you look otherwise.

escortIs she hardworking?

One of the main reasons why I fell for my wife is her independent and hardworking attitude. I remember how she longed for a designer handbag and even when I had insisted on buying it for her on a number of occasions, she had always refused politely. I was really proud of her when I saw her pushing hard and saving money to finally land up with the bag, without any help from me or her parents.

Are you comfortable around her?

Ask yourself whether you can feel at home around her or not? Remember, the heart does not wear a watch- all it cares about is resonance and if that happens, the celebration begins. So, it could be that you can attain that desired level of ultimate comfort with a girl you just stumbled upon at a café (as happened with me) which you didn’t get with your girlfriend of 2 years.

Is she ready to share responsibility?

Conjugal life is all about partnership where both the spouses have to contribute as much as possible for them. So, check out whether the girl you are dating is willing to share the responsibilities or only imposing them on you.

Yes, appearances matter but it’s the inner beauty that matters the most when you are in quest of your lady love.

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