Dating etiquettes to follow on your first date

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: December 12, 2016

london escortsAre you about to go out on a date this weekend? It could be the lovely lady whom you met in your friend’s party. Or it could be the cool guy who helped you with the groceries in the supermarket. Well, men or women, there are some dating etiquette that both of you should follow to make the most of your date.

Before you go out on date

You must have had exchanged numbers and are in touch through phone calls or online chatrooms. Well, if you are planning to take your date to a restaurant, it’s better you find out first about his or her particular preferences. If your man is a vegetarian there is no point in taking him to a steakhouse. Similarly, if the lady is allergic to sea-food, your favorite sushi joint in town might not be that appropriate with her. In fact, your date would appreciate your efforts to make him or her comfortable by asking about the preferences.

Don’t be late

This is one tip that you must and should be careful about when you are meeting your date for the first time. Always be on time and it’s better if you set your clock 10 minutes ahead of the actual time. In case, you cannot avoid the delay, please inform him or her about the situation with the needed explanation.

Dress properly

If you are going out with your date for the first time, you have to be really particular with your clothing. Guys, please no shorts and floppy clothes. It’s not that you have to bring out your best suit but a nice ironed shirt would do. If you are taking the casual route, get a polo shirt or a semi-formal tee.

For girls, the tip is to go for anything that complements your overall look but then make sure you are comfortable with it. In regards to the shoes, heels are always wonderful for a first date yet if you are not really into the high heels, a nice lovely flat would do the trick.

Whatever you wear, just make sure, you are easy with it as uneasiness here will show on your date and might ruin off the potential beautiful moments waiting ahead.

escort LondonMake eye contact

Make direct eye contact while talking to your date as avoiding contact is not taken lightly by many. It’s said when a person is avoiding eye contact, he or she has something wrong playing in the mind. Direct eye contact also makes you appear more confident.

Be clean

This tip is especially for the men. Guys, please, trim your hair and beard a day before you go to meet your date. Cut down your nails and if possible get a shower before going out. Girls are usually clean so they don’t need to be reminded. Still, FYI, guys don’t like chipped nails- you better trim them down and coat them in a nice color.

Lastly, a small gift would be nice.

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