Dos and don’ts of dating

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: January 2, 2017

london escortPlanning a date soon? Well, that’s cool … but then we all feel butterflies in our tummies when we are going out on a date for the first time. And when you are too tensed you end up making unwanted mistakes that you would regret later. Yes, it’s natural that you would feel jittery when it’s your first date with a person but below are the dos and don’ts of dating that will help you to project your best self to that special person- and hopefully s/he would start appreciating you even more.

The Dos

  • Dignity & respect– Always greet and meet your date with dignity & respect.
  • Be a good listener– You might not agree with certain points that she brings up in your discussions but give her some space so that she feels comfortable in sharing her heartfelt feelings with you. Disagree politely, if you feel so.
  • Compliment– Greet your date with genuine honest compliments. But never go overboard with them as it would only make the whole thing superficial.
  • Be watchful of what you wear– be sure to put on fresh, ironed attire that matches with the mood of the day. Make sure you are comfortable with what you have slipped into.
  • Discuss the venue– you must discuss the venue beforehand and request your date to mention him/her preferences as well.
  • Be clean & tidy– Please be clean and tidy as you go to meet your date. Guys shave or trim your beard and cut down your nails. Brush up and if possible, get a shower. A nice perfume would further enhance the mood.
  • Choose a mid-budget restaurant– If your date has asked you to choose the venue, play safe and choose a mid-budget refined restaurant. It’s better you leave out the fast-food joints. Cafes would do good as well.
  • Initiate to pay the bill– Girls, yes you men might be prepared to bring out the wallet as the bill comes but you should also approach to pay the bill.

The  Don’ts

  • Don’t leer– Yes, you should definitely make eye-contacts while on a date but please do not leer.
  • Don’t bring up past relationships– Do not bring up past relations as people are not exactly comfortable talking about their ex in the first date. You are still almost a stranger ton him/her.
  • Don’t force private questions– Do not force sensitive questions like job salary  on your first date. You can talk about casual things like food, movies, music, literature- anything that matches mutual interest.
  • Don’t be late– Do not be late on your first date. In case, unfortunately, you cannot avoid an urgent task, you should make sure to inform him/her couple of hours prior to the set time.
  • Don’t change venue– Do not just change the venue in a jiffy without discussing with your date.
  • Don’t get drunk– Couple of pints are fine but never get drunk on your first date as it would only damage the impression.

Happy dating!!

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