Is It Your First Time With A London Escort?

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: April 7, 2016

escort cheap LondonLondon escorts are no doubt amazing and they promise some of the most cherished moments for their clients. The best part is that you will get quality yet cheapest escorts in London starting from 80 pounds an hour. Are you about to hire an escort for the first time? Well, you must be really tensed then as even when men sum up the guts to book an escort, they are usually at a loss as the escort arrives given their lack of experience with them. However, nothing to worry as below are some tips that will assure a you a memorable experience with the lady, even if it’s your first time with her.

The tips are divided into 2 parts – before the escort arrives and after she is in your room.

Before the escort arrives

Ask her about her services

If you are looking for her to perform something special for you such as owo, you have to be open about your desires to her. So, tell her if you are feeling lonely and want to have a gfe experience. Proceed with her only if she agrees.

Ask her whether she needs transport fare

You must your escort beforehand whether you would need to pay for her transport fare or not. The best escort agencies in London would assure you cheapest escorts without the client needed to pay the transport fare. But it’s not the case with all agencies, so it’s smarter to ask.

escort LondonKeep everything neat and tidy

Before the lady arrives in your room, you should keep everything spick & span- and that includes your room, bathroom and yourself as well. Laid out fresh sheets on the bed and keep clean towels handy in the bathroom. Have a bath, shave or trim your beard and nails.

Discreet service

You definitely wish to keep your private life confidential and make sure the escort agency you are going for promises discreet escorts.

As the escort arrives

Take her around your home

As the escort arrives in your house, it’s nice to offer her a tour of your home to start everything on a lighter note.

Pay her upfront

Then, you should pay your fees nicely wrapped in an envelope as you two sit to chat together. Don’t just offer messy notes at her. The escorts are professionals and deserve respect in any form. Do not attempt to kiss or grab her before you pay.

escort cheapStart with a glass of wine

It’s nice to start everything with a glass of wine with cheap escorts London. Continue your casual chat- a pinch of light banter or humor would be much appreciated- but do not ask her any personal questions. You can tell her that it’s your first time and you are feeling really tensed.

Be respectful to her wishes

Do not force her to do anything that she had not agreed to previously. Be respectful to her wishes. She might need you to be more gently or can suggest a change of posture- please listen to her.

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