How to make your lady feel special on a date?

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london escortYou are waiting all week to have a date with the beautiful dame you met at your friend’s place couple of weeks back and now she has finally agreed to meet you. Great man…and now you have to put your best foot forward to make her feel all the more special. Confused? Stressed? Well, come on, yes dating a sensitive affair but then the tips below will help you in your endeavors.

Before the date is fixed

The preparation for the date starts before you go out on the date. When she has agreed for the date, pop up a specific date and ask whether she is comfortable with it or not. She might ask for some time- given her that needed space. The primary step in making someone feel special is to make her feel comfortable.

As you two fix the date

  • Ask her about her favorite hangout place or check what she suggests for the venue.
  • If that’s not too uncomfortable for you, agree to her venue.
  • Ask her at what time she would be comfortable meeting you.
  • If needed, take a half-day leave from your office.
  • Approach her to pick up from her place.

As the “date” arrives….

A nice good morning message

As the day dawns, send her a nice “good morning” and express how excited you are to meet her that that day. It will make her feel special right from the wee hours.

escort in londonConfirm about the meet

Don’t overload her with too many messages or calls. Just confirm the date couple of hours prior to the time of meet.

Get a gift

Get a nice gift for your lady. You don’t have to go very lavish here- just a  box of chocolates or a bunch of her favorite flowers would be enough.

Be on time

Nothing maddens a lady more than her man standing her up. So, please be on time. In fact, your late arrival would go a long way in creating wrong impressions about you.

Pamper her with compliments

Every lady loves o complemented. She has spent hours in deciding what to wear, how to do the hair, what show to slip into and which perfume to put on while coming up for the date. Now, when she arrives looking like million bucks, you must make sure to complement her. But then, it must be genuine heartfelt compliments.

Ask her about herself

Ask her about herself- like how was the day, is she feeling okay with the entire setup or not, what does she want to order and so on. Ask her about her hobbies, interests, preferences, her job, family, friends and like that. It will make her feel that you wish to know more about her and you are serious about her.

Be chivalrous

Hold the door as she slights from your car and take the seat out as she makes herself comfortable at the restaurant. If she is not coming with you, get up from your seat when she arrives at the restaurant. Approach her to drop to her home when you leave.

Finally, make sure to express how great you felt on your date with and do call her up later for a polite follow-up.

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