How to make your man feel special?

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cheapest escortSo, you can’t help thinking about the cute guy you met last week at your favorite café? It’s great that he has agreed to exchange numbers and it certainly shows that he too has got a “thing” for you. So, are you on chats these days and does he actively replies to your messages and pings? Have you asked for a catch up and has he agreed? That’s cool girl…. and now maybe it’s the time you make the best of it to impress him even more. Well, the first step here is to make him feel special and this post tells you how to nail it.

Before the date

Yes, it’s usual for the guys to approach for the first date but as we are moving towards an egalitarian  genre today, it’s would be simply awesome if you take the first move. There’s nothing wrong in a girl taking the charge and real men would surely appreciate that. So, set a specific date and ask him whether he would be free for that day. If he is not, set an alternate date. He might need to check up his diary for the series of appointments- give him that space.

As you two fix the date

Before you set the venue, ask him about his interests, his preferred cuisine and place.

If he wants you to fix the venue, select something that would be nearer to his place and would be convenient for him to reach out.

Don’t choose a venue that’s too expensive. Go for something that matches mutual interests and falls in a mid-range budget.

Ask him again whether he is okay with your set date.

As the date arrives

Confirm the meet

Greet him with a warm “Good Morning” and confirm the meet for the day. However, don’t bother him with the same question time and again in between.

london escortDon’t be late

Girls are always blamed for being late and it could be that your man is mentally prepared for that. Break the myth and surprise him. He will appreciate you even more. It will only show how “special” he is to you- special to that extent that you have been able to come out of your bad habits.

Get a gift

Why would always guys shower girls with gifts? You can get a gift for him too. A nice tie or a box of chocolates would be cool.

Let him order

When it comes to ordering food, let him take the charge. A chivalrous man will always ask the lady first but you should do your bit as well.

Complement him & be a good listener

All men want is a nice woman who is willing to give space to him so that he can feel comfortable to share his jokes and facts. Appreciate his humorous jokes and complement him on his high values and intellect. You have to make him feel more and more comfortable around you.

Finally, make sure to take up your purse first as the bill arrives.

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