The 5 things a man must carry on his first date

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: March 19, 2017

cheapest escortsGeared up for your first date with the gorgeous lady you met at your sister’s reception last month? You two might have exchanged numbers and if she is showing interest in your calls, it’s time to catch up with her on a date. However, every man should be aware of the 5 things that they must carry on their first date.


If you have watched the movie “The Intern”, you know how Robert De Niro explained the importance of carrying a hankie with you when women are around. If you have planned for a drama, your lady can tear up any moment and your hankie would go a long way in creating a great impression about you. Besides, the hanky would even be handy when she suddenly gets food on her dress or needs to wipe off the extra sauce of her lips.

Mouth freshening gum or mint

Women prefer nice smelling men. Yes, you know you have to put on your best perfume but you should also take care of oral freshness. What if the lady suggests a long drive after a hearty lunch or dinner? She won’t like it if you are smelling of that pungent ginger and garlic from the savory Indian menu you just had. So, be wise and always make sure to carry some mouth-freshner gums or mints when you are out on a date. This way, you can pop them up whenever you need them. The experts always advise to have one just before meeting the lady and another one after having the meal.

A gift

Women love gifts, even more than men. So, when it comes to impress your lady, a gift is what you should carry along on your date. You don’t have to go really elaborate here as all women want is a small token of warmth and little something nice would do. Ask her about her favorite flowers or else a bouquet of fresh red roses always does the trick. Women even love chocolates and soft toys. You  can even gift her small accessories like a nice pair of earrings or a scarf or a ring and so on.


Yes, you have your car but what if it’s parked far away from the restaurant and it starts pouring heavily as you two just step out of the venue. She has taken a great deal of time to doll up just for you and you can’t surely let the stupid rain ruin that for both of you. So, it’s better you carry an umbrella with you so that you can safeguard her just on time.

cheapest escortsCash/card

If you are the one who has set the date, you should make it sure to pay the bill as it arrives. Thus, make sure to stay prepared and do not forget your wallet at home. If you are planning to use the card, make sure it has got enough balance in it.

Finally, you should carry your confidence, a positive attitude and an aura of chivalry and the lady will take no time to fall for you.

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