Physical Traits In Women Those Men Find Attractive

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cheapest escortAlmost every woman has experienced men giving them the once over and it turns out that there are specific traits which men look for when they check out women. Love Relationships are based on attraction and when we talk about attraction, it is mostly the feeling which is experienced by men more than women. It is true that a man can be physically attracted to a woman only because of her physical appearance without harboring any feelings of love.

The below comprehensive list is created based on the generic behavior of men and might not be applicable for everyone.

A High pitched voice
Women are naturally endowed with softer voices as compared to men. It is said that women with a high pitched voice which is associated with youthfulness and signifies energy, is something which men find really attractive. A high pitched voiced also signifies a petite and a feminine demeanor.


Women look best when they are smiling and smiling people are no doubt happy people. A woman’s smile can easily win over someone’s heart. Also it is said that men like women who laugh at their jokes.

Long Hair

Research indicates that men get attracted by women’s long lustrous hair as it is a sign of good health and better fertility. Any length which is more than the shoulder length looks more feminine and appealing to men.

Less Makeup

While many of us cannot step outdoors without our concealers and that proper contouring, men happen to prefer women who wear minimal or no makeup. Research reveals that men generally prefer women who use about 60% less cosmetics.

escort cheapEyes

Some men simply fall in love with women’s eyes. They say that eyes speak a thousand words and when men give you a glance over, they also make it a point to look into your eyes. Men love women who are blessed with expressive eyes paired with thick beautiful eyebrows.

Wearing the color Red

Now this is an interesting observation! Men find women the most attractive when they wear red. No wonder we know why red is associated with lust! It is also said that wearing red makes people more attractive. That is also why research tells us that incidentally, women also find men the most attractive when they wear red.


Men look for modesty in the demeanor and dressing of women who they would like to consider as their long term partner. There is a common belief in men that women who are hot are high maintenance and consequently less modest and reliable. Although they might prefer love encounters with hot women, they seek modesty in their long term love relationships.

Having said this, it is also imperative to remember that every man has a unique preference and traits which he seeks for in his potential partner. The above points have been stated keeping the likings of most men in general and such preferences could vary across cultures around the world.

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