Top 5 tips to stay fit in the holiday season

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: May 22, 2017

RosieWinter sets prelude to the onset of the fun and frolic coming up throughout the holiday season. There would be parties, celebrations, merry-making, dance and carols, hugs and kisses and of course food and wine- a whole LOT of them. Even for the strictest fitness freaks, it is real hard to stay in perfect shape in the festive time. Now, that doesn’t definitely mean that you have to skip out on the much awaited partying but you can at least make sure that you do not add too much of calories which would be too difficult to shed off as the partying gets over. The post below offers you 6 best tips to stay fit in the holiday season.

Don’t skip meals

There is a common misconception that all you need to prevent the extra calories is to skip some of the meals and gorge on party treats later in the evening or night. This is completely ridiculous and must not be followed. In fact, if you are skipping on meals, you will stay even hungrier and would eventually end up hogging more all the fat-laden food at the parties- resulting in too much of excess pounds. Do not skip your meals as this way you can stay moderately full which will prevent you from the unmindful over-binging at parties- thereby keeping the calories in control.

Drink water

With all the rich party treats and generous doses of liquor, you tend to put your digestive system on a test in the holiday season. Thus, the experts always suggest to keep yourself hydrated all the time with lots of water so that the toxins get flushed off easily and your body can have a smooth digestion. Moreover, a hydrated body will also ensure that desired inner glow for your skin which you need for your surefire headturner look at the parties.

RosieExercise is the key

Amidst all the festivities, sumptuous treats and merry-making, you must take out time for your exercise sessions to stay in shape in the winter season. You definitely can’t risk not fitting into the gorgeous sleek LBD that you bought lately just for the holiday celebrations. So, you have to take out at least half an hour for 5 days in a week for your work-out routine. If you are not a gym member, try out jogging and brisk walking at the local park. Even a snowball fight with kids and skiing would mean a lot. And yes, parties are there to dance your heart out which will also assure a fantastic calorie-burn.

Drink in moderation

Yes, the holiday season is the time for ultimate merry-making and getting high in spirits. But alcohol only means more calories and hence it’s better you drink in moderation to keep your calories in check. You should also be limited on caffeinated drinks as they dry you up further.

Go outdoors

The laidback ambience of winter can mean a dip in our dopamine level which can lead to erratic mood swings and depression. Overall fitness is not possible if you are not fit mentally. So, it’s best to get up early, get out of the house and soak up the Vitamin D from the early morning sun for a steady boost to the dopamine level. You will come back home all fresh and happy.

Stay fit and party harder this holiday season.

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