How to be the Best client to London escorts

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: September 28, 2015

escortIt’s always great to have a beautiful companion when you are all alone on your trip to London. There are escort agencies in London from where you can easily ask out a lovely companion for a date. Cheapest London Escorts is one such leading name here that offers cheap escorts London who charge as less as 80 pounds an hour with the assurance of a great time. But then again, whether you are going to have an actually cherishing date or not, rests largely on your shoulder as well. Here are some expert tips that will teach you on how to be the best client to your lovely London escort.

Respect her

This is the first and foremost tip you have to keep in mind when you are hiring escorts in London. You have to have it in your mind that your escort is an individual human being and deserves as much respect as you mete out to other professionals in your life. Some people have this ill temperament to view escorts as a mere commodity- this is something completely unethical and only discloses their poor taste. To ensure a fulfilling time with your escort you have to create a comfortable ambience for the lady, which is not possible if you are not respectful to her.

estelle-escortValue her time

Your escort is a busy professional and she has got many other appointments to handle added to yours. So, do not disturb her with endless calls or phone prior to meet. You would obviously need to make a few emails or calls to schedule your meet but don’t go overboard with them. Be on your appointments on time- don’t get her stood up- this is something really gross. In case, you are somehow unable to meet her on the allotted time or would need to reschedule the meeting, do inform her in advance. Moreover, if you wish to extend your time with her, ask her politely if she is free for the extra hours. If she is not free, do not force her to stay with you. You have to value her time as much as you value yours.


Stay clean and fresh

Most London escorts would happily date any kind of man but they have this nominal requirement of being in a clean and fresh company. It’s not only hygienic but also ensures a positive and refreshing environment around – creating an inviting ambience for your date. Every hotel has got shower facilities- do utilize them before your escort knocks at your door.

Never push boundaries

This is another very important tip that you should keep in your mind as you meet your escort. Never push her to offer more than what was agreed beforehand. Some people have this wrong tendency to bribe the escort to coax her for more services. But you should understand that an escort has her own limits and considerations in saying “No” to certain services. If you have agreed to the services she offers and does not want to offer, stick to that agreement. The escort has every right to decide on what she deems best for well being and comfort.

Cheap London escortPay upfront

You must always pay her upfront as soon as she appears to your hotel or any place you two have scheduled to meet up. This is an unwritten norm of the escort industry- it won’t be a crime to pay her after her services but an upfront payment would surely earn you some nice brownie points from your London escorts cheap.


Don’t haggle

This is a big turn off for any escort. Usually the escort’s rate would be fixed and either you agree to it or not. Do not every try to bargain with the escort regarding rate as this only represent an unprofessional aspect from your side.

London escorts are some of the most awesome ladies in the world. They are bright, beautiful and promise a company to cherish forever. There are all types of escorts here from busty to slim, from blonde to brunette, from leggy to petite and even ebony sirens and mixed race damsels- so whatever be your preferences are, there is always someone for you.

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