Etiquette To Learn Before Meeting An Escort

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Always remember hiring a sex professional or an escort is no different than hiring a professional such as doctor, lawyer or other similar people. Irrespective of the service, you are paying them for a service and you must be nice to them like you are to any other professional. Escorts make a living through their job just like other women would have from other jobs. Just like other professionals, the escorts will treat you as valued client and on a business level you can even expect to become friends with them. You must have the right attitude while hiring an escort. You must always go for a high class escort and if you are wondering why, you will get the answer throughout the entire sensational experience.

You must know how to discuss their services correctly so that you can enjoy their services. Here some tips for the novice who are not very sure about what to do and how to go about everything.

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  • Always remember that an escort and prostitute are two different people. Unlike prostitutes they do not sell sex, it is their time that they devote to you is what they sell. The time that both adults spend together is totally based upon the similar interests and likes of the two. If you have had a previous experience you will know that the escorts never talk about sex to their clients be it in any form. You must make sure that you are polite and amiable in your meetings as their time is the most important thing and you do not want to delay any communications with the escort.
  • If you at all link the sex act and the fee together you are likely going to end things in a disappointment. Police departments, government officials or some soliciting hookers are the only people who associate sex act with a fee or rate. You definitely would not want to make such a silly mistake and scare the escort away.
  • To make the whole process much smoother and faster provide as much information about you on the booking site itself. Information such as your name, height, weight, looks, interests and other things that you are comfortable sharing will anyways be demanded by the escort so you can be at a better position if you lay it down before-hand. Sending e-mails regarding your passions and wild desires is a big no and will only lead to ignorance by the escort and she will cut off further communication.
  • You should never wait for the escort to ask for money instead always be upfront and pay the agreed upon fees and money. If you hire the escort for a long duration such as a week, you must pay them half the amount of money. All of this just makes your future reputation and attention better. You will surely get immediate response in the future.
  • In the first meeting you must keep the money somewhere in plain view for the escort. You may keep the agreed fees on the table, dresser, bed etc. and expect the escort to count it. They are providing you with a service and it is no harm to check the money you get paid for what you have worked.
  • Escorts will check for your ID to be completely sure of your identity, but if you do not trust your escort completely you may choose to ignore and seek for another companion.  There are high chances that the escort come across government officials and people who would harass them and cause them harm, so to avoid all such undesirable clients all of this is important. Your full name is compared on your ID and they even check with the hotel’s front desk whether or not you are a registered guest for safety reasons.
  • Generally there is a trusted friend with whom the escort shares all the information and who will know about the meeting, its duration, place and other necessary information that you provided about yourself.
  • Expect to be treated very professionally by the escorts and treat them in a similar manner. You should not be expecting any sort of relationship or romance. And lastly it is essential that you tip them irrespective of the amount. It can make a lot of difference and be a gesture to tell them that they were good.
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