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East London escortsLast week, I was in London and relaxing in my hotel but getting bored because I was alone. I listened somewhere that East London is famous for hot brunette escorts. I thought why not give one a try. I was alone at night and I also needed having some fun with a beautiful companion. I am fond of role-playing. I definitely wanted someone sensual, tall, alluring and amazing. The girl must be like a hot super model that must be glamorous, glittering and smoking hot.

I made a call to escort agency and informed them about my requirements. They offered me the gallery and I picked two escorts who looked quite gorgeous. They asked me to wait in my hotel room so they arrive to play their game. I was snoozing on the bed and wanking silly with expectations. She walked into the dim lit room after the door opened at exact 8:00 pm. She is dressed like hot super models and she played her role very well. She is dressed in hugging sexy revealing dress and wore black log gloves which covered her arms. She had slightly wavy and long styled hair. She was looking damn sexy in her black dress. This East London escort was very sexy.

She started the show of striptease. She started from her thighs and she eventually revealed her legs. She wore huge heels and she walked alone and tried to give me great pleasure. She sauntered on the room and she hadn’t looked here and there. Her body was moving very slightly under the skinny dress. She totally mesmerized me with her sexy moves. I just couldn’t take off my eyelids. She was looking too sexy to hold and my dick was also solid.

Then she finally started peeling off her sleeves without any hesitation and problem. She pulled off on each finger slightly and then she rolled the satin down from each of her arms. Then she pulled off the silky gloves from all of her fingers and long arms. She took around one or two minutes to pull off each glove. The first move was the most sexiest ever I had watched.

I was aware that my dick is towering up and started getting visible along the bed sheet. But she reacted so that I was not in the room and it is one of the sexiest things according to me.

And the entry of another escort begins. She stands behind her and started untying the straps behind her neck which were fastened. Then she holds the whole dress with crazy and raunchy expressions.

Her bare arms reach the slim strap and start uncovering the straps holding up the gown. She unties the dress quickly and slips down the tight silky dress eventually from her body. She occasionally wiggles on her body to effortlessly slip the dress towards the floor. She just stood with no bra and she finally revealed her sexy boobs. They were really very perky and amazing and extending from her sexy well-toned body.

They were the ideal bowls of flesh with sexy nipples at the tip of all mounds. They were not too small and not too big. Another escort stood in stockings, suspenders and scanty black thongs. The thong was beautifully tied with black ribbons at the side.

She finally reached in front of her and pulled off the ribbon on either side. I just enjoyed the moment when she smiled like crazy and she glanced apart on me. It was the first time when she smiles and I was staring her lips before her tongue ran along her top lip. That was really very unbearable moment when my dick was throbbing tight and sheets started moving. I felt some moisture on her thigh and I was not sure.

She keeps on making me wet. London escort dressed just a small thong and lacy holdups on the top. She was looking very sexy and appetizing that I couldn’t just control my inner emotions. She takes the hold of ribbons of both sides of fabric scrap. Her black ribbons tied her thong. Eventually she made an eye contact and she was looking mysterious, dark and full of promises.

She was licking her sexy juicy lips and my cock was jerking under my boxer. I just couldn’t control my cock and it was saying that it’s enough and he wants to enter into the big hole. That was the moment when she pulled her thongs and ties off on the floor. She was completely exposed and bare.  I can imagine the glistening trace of sexual arousals around her thighs. That was really great night I had spent with these divas. They really made my evenings. I can’t forget that trip to London in my life. That’s very fantastic night for me!

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