Dos & Don’ts while you are with an escort

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: December 9, 2015

cheapest escortsAre you planning a date with a London escort? Oh! You are one lucky chap as the London escorts are epitome of beauty, grace, charm and sensuality. These gorgeous babes are simply divas who can light up your lone moments with élan, taking you right to the 7th Heaven. Words will fall short to describe a lovely encounter with a London escort. The best part is that the London escort agency carries a versatile range where there is someone for everybody- whether you prefer a true blue British babe or an exotic Indian beauty or the blue-eyed Russians or the enigmatic mixed-race hotties. But to make your experience really special there are some dos & don’ts on your part.

cheapest London escortsThe Dos

Treat her as a true professional

Your London escort is a human being and a true professional. Just because she is accompanying you in your lone hours it does not mean that she can be taken for granted. Bes respectful to her time and never force her to be with you if she is busy in your scheduled slot. Wait for her free time or look for another escort. You should be as respectful to her as you are with any other professional.

Be courteous and informative

You should be courteous and informative in the call or email you sent to her. Your lambeth escorts are respectable ladies and hence would do appreciate a courteous greeting and introduction. When you are introducing yourself, tell little bit yourself and not just the basic vital statistics. Tell her about your hobbies or special interests so that she can know a bit about you. This will help you in initiating a good conversation with her when she meets you.

Be clean

Take a hot shower and be fresh before she knocks at your door. Nobody likes an unkempt look. Won’t you like your escort to come clean, fresh & well-dressed? Yes. The same goes on her part. A clean-shaven look is always preferred- even if you are fond of your beard you should trim it so that you look overall presentable. Also, trim down your nails- rough scratching would only worsen your experience. However, don’t cut yourself.

busty girl in LondonAsk her about the services beforehand

The escorts in London offer a wide variety of services but everybody won’t offer every range of service. For example, if one offers CBJ she might not always want to offer BBBJ. If you are looking especially for gfe escorts, you must make it clear while finalizing the arrangement. The transparency is much needed to avoid any misunderstanding later. Do not fall prey to your inhibitions.

Pay in advance

You have to pay her the moment she meets you.


The Don’ts

No pungent smell

Do not eat anything rich in garlic or onion the day you are meeting an escort.

Don’t get too heavy on scent

A small dose of cologne behind the ear, wrists & underarm is fine but don’t get too heavy on it. Never put scent on your genital areas and chest.

No overtly personal talks

Do not talk about her personal life or experience with other clients. If she herself brings up such aspects, it is fine but don’t cross the line yourself. The outcall escorts London are generally very discreet about their profession and won’t like any sort of interference in either professional or personal life. Rather you should focus on general topics like food, wine or movies or books or sports and so on.

Rate negotiations

Until and unless the escort agency is easy with negotiable rates, you cannot force the escort to negotiate or reduce her current rate. If you want affordable yet elite escorts, Cheapest London Escorts are ready to provide some of the most beautiful escorts with rates as low as 80 pounds an hour.


This is something so unprofessional and you might end up offending her if you force her to overstay beyond her scheduled time. You must understand that she is a busy professional and just because you are free for another hours she cannot be free the same way- she has got other appointments to keep. So, respect her time.

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