5 “NO”s to remember while dating Greenwich escorts

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: February 3, 2019

cheap escortGreenwich escorts are drop-dead gorgeous. Their lovely looks can make you weak in the knees any moment and their sensual company is all you need for absolute pleasure. Dating them is an exclusive privilege and you will be left with awesome memories to cherish forever. However, while escorts near Greenwich will take every step needed to ensure the most pleasant date for you- there are certain things you too should keep in mind to ensure things don’t turn haywire.

The post below shares best tips on the “NO”s to remember while dating cheap escorts in Greenwich.

 Not stating your desired services while hiring

This is one of the worst mistakes often spotted with first-timers.

Don’t make the mistake of not specifying what services you exactly want from london escort girls. Escorts offer various services like friendly company, dinner date, body massage, intimate services in privacy of client’s room and so on. You may want one or two of them or all. But whatever you want, just make sure to mention to her while you fix the date.

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No attention to time

You cannot just stand her up. Escorts are true professionals and they are very strict with timing. Moreover, they have plenty of assignments to cater to. So, respect her time and make sure to arrive at the scheduled venue at the set time. In case, you think you will be late or have to cancel the appointment, let her know in advance.

No courtesy

Do not ever disrespect Greenwich escorts. They are high class elite professionals and deserve to be respected. They look forward to a man who holds the basic sense of courtesy. It does not mean you have to hold the door for her always or take the chair out as she sits in the diner- but at least a basic modest and gentle approach will be highly appreciated.

No alcohol before meeting

You should not greet your escort all pie-eyed. It’s a professional appointment that you have with london call girls and hence you must behave like a true gentleman. It’s true that the date is soon to turn cosy and you two may have a drink or two together afterwards- but before you meet, alcohol is a strict “NO”.

No attention to cleanliness and dressing

Don’t go all sweaty and clumsy to date her. It’s not that you have to put on your best formal suit- but some basic cleanliness and grooming is always needed for a pleasant date.

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