4 tips for beginners while dating escorts in Richmond upon Thames

Posted by: Cheapest London Escorts | Date: October 26, 2018

LunaAre you planning to hire an escort in Richmond upon Thames? Is it your first time? Well, it’s natural to feel jittery. But don’t worry. The escorts near Richmond upon Thames are extremely friendly and make you feel at home right from the first call. However, you too should be careful about certain etiquettes to ensure you don’t end up offending or discomforting (unconsciously) the escort. The female escorts will take great care to make sure you have your gala time. But certain things are needed from your part as well to ensure an unforgettable date.

Know how to introduce yourself

You will introduce yourself in the first call you make to her. Tell her your name and what you do. Don’t go overboard with your job responsibilities. Just a simple- “Hi, I am John and I am a designer”- will do. You may or may not mention that it’s your first time with call girls so that she can make sense of your nervousness. It’s okay to feel jittery but try to stay steady.

After you introduce yourself, tell her about the date. Ask for a convenient date from her side first. If that’s okay for you, fix the time and venue. Don’t forget to mention the purpose of the date. Be specific about what services you exactly want to avoid misunderstanding later.

Be punctual

Make sure to maintain punctuality with female London escorts. They are strict professionals and are extremely particular with time. In case, you think you will be late, just inform her in advance. In mo way, you can make her wait. If you have to cancel the date for some unavoidable reasons, let her know. If she is okay, fix another date with her.


Know what to talk about

You cannot ask her any kind of personal question or anything related to her job. Escorts prefer confidentiality and won’t be comfortable in discussing private stuff. You can talk to her about other things like politics, movies, your friends, your job, your hometown, sports and so on.

Don’t haggle

Do not ever bargain with cheap escorts in Richmond upon Thames. Any such behavior is strictly looked down upon in the professional escort scene. These are elite high class escorts and are worth the money.

Finally, do not expect any kind of personal liaison with your escort.

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